Membership Matters

Membership benefits YOU:

  • ⁍ Attendance at all DAVA meetings from September 1st to August 31st of the membership year and discount on attendance at Spring State Volunteer Conference.
  • ⁍ Attendance at all regional collaboration meetings.
  • ⁍ Access to members only website page including past meeting notes, The Delaware Volunteer Resource Guide, links to webinars, education materials, and CVA (Certified in Volunteer Administration) support and study resources.
  • ⁍ Match you with a group or another CVA candidate in Delaware going through the CVA certification process. You can study, encourage and support each other during the CVA learning and certification process.
  • ⁍ Opportunity to become involved with other professionals like you!

As a member you will have access to:

  • ⁍ Members only website
  • ⁍ DAVA Resources and information library
  • ⁍ CVA Certification forms
  • ⁍ Membership List
  • ⁍ Annual program schedule PDF
  • ⁍ Meeting notes for meeting by date and title PDF
  • ⁍ Delaware resource guide PDF

Ready to become a member of DAVA?

Annual membership: $75.00