CVA Certification

Why Certify?

Benefits for YOU, the individual practitioner:

  • ⁍ clarification of personal values and professional ethics
  • ⁍ identification of strengths and areas for growth
  • ⁍ enhanced self-esteem through peer recognition
  • ⁍ increased confidence in problem-solving skills
  • ⁍ increased personal and professional credibility
  • ⁍ transferable documentation of knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • ⁍ reinforced commitment to professional excellence
  • ⁍ may contribute to hiring and job security
  • ⁍ may lead to more recognition from top management

Benefits to your ORGANIZATION or EMPLOYER:

  • ⁍ demonstrates employer's commitment to competence
  • ⁍ increased confidence in employee abilities
  • ⁍ quality professional development for employees
  • ⁍ useful in making hiring decisions
  • ⁍ relevant framework for performance appraisal
  • ⁍ identifies and documents leadership potential

Here is what DAVA can do to help you:

Match you with another CVA candidate in Delaware going through the certification process. You can help each other study and progress through the process.

Match you with a professional in Delaware who has completed the process for encouragement and help.

Set up meetings (phone, in person, etc.) as possible and needed to help you along in your journey!

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